HOA Payments.

The Desert Villa Homeowners Association charges $25 per month to each eligible resident. We accept monthly, quarterly, and yearly payments. A discount of $50 is available for those who make a full years payment within the 1st quarter (1 January – 31 March). This means you will only be charged $250 if you fully pay before March 31st! A full yearly payment after this date is $300.

After 30 days, late payments may be subject to late fees, legal fees, lien, and eventually foreclosure.

Monthly payments are due on the 1st of each month. We accept monthly, quarterly, and yearly payments.

NEW! We now accept bank transfer payments via Zelle. Our payment address is pay@DesertVillaHOA.com

The Desert Villa HOA accepts payments via checks mailed to our mailing address listed on our Contacts page.

You may also submit payment in-person during our bi-annual HOA meetings at the pool. This is the only method of cash payments we accept.

Checks are the primary method of payment. Please make them out to "Desert Villa HOA". Cashiers Checks, Cash, or Postal Money Orders are alternatives. Online payments are limited to bank transfers via Zelle. Credit Cards and PayPal are not currently accepted due to ongoing unfavorable terms for a business of our size and expensive fees, sorry. Your bank might offer online 'bill pay' as an option for the bank to mail us a check on your behalf without you needing to actually touch a check.

Notice: Our PO Box was discontinued in 2020.


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